locked 1x1 call sign "bug" in WSPR spotting #WSPR #IssueReport

Bruce KX4AZ

I posted about this issue recently in the context of a special event beacon I was working with, but wanted to make sure the WSJT-x developers are aware of it. The WSPR protocol allows for the transmission of a special 3 character 1x1 call sign such as N1D, but on the decoding end (i.e. wsprd) the spots are not uploaded. Only some of the (perhaps older) obscure decoders such as that used in the KiwiSDR (aka Kiwi 1.3) will upload a 1x1 call sign spot in WSPR. My workaround was to use the compound call sign N1D/4, but I would have preferred the "plain" 'N1D' call sign.

It's a an obscure issue, of course, but hopefully not a difficult thing to address in a future iteration. As far as I know the decode process works, just not the upload process.

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