locked Totally Stumped..Carrier with No AFSK #transmit

Jim K2QB

Trying to get a fellow ham on FT8 and for the life of me can't figure this one out. I have been running both WJST-X and JTDX for several years, so I am very aware of all the little nuances like USB port power settings. His set up is a Yaesu FT1000MP with a SignalLink interface. Running Windows 10. We have had everything up and running fine and suddenly the other day it stopped working. He attributes it to a possible Windows update but I'm not so sure. WJSTX and JTDX both act the exact same way. When we hit tune or transmit the rig will key, the power meter shows a carrier/power out but there appears to be no actual AFSK. I've listened to him, and my waterfall shows nothing on his xmt frequency. I swear we have tried every sound setting in Windows with no luck. We've rebooted the PC, changed USB ports, and all the usual stuff. I'm almost thinking the SignalLink is faulty but seems unlikely. Any help would really be appreciated.

Jim K2QB

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