locked Where is the location of the WSJT-X log? #FT8 #logging

Evan Smith

Where is the location of the qsos you made in WSJT-X?
After a lot of trial and error I made several qsos that I logged.
I want to export the list of qsos onto XMLog.


Windows 11
Forgive me if you responded to my question.  I couldn't find my question and therefore couldn't get an answer.

My question:

When I try to activate WSJT-x I get the following:  "Invalid audio input device."  How can I fix this?
--  TS-480.
--  Windows 11
--  Latest version of WSJT-x
--  Drivers updated

The output is OK.

I have used WSJT-x for many years with Windows 7.

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