Locked Re: Three character call sign in WSPR? #WSPR

Bruce KX4AZ

On Tue, Apr 19, 2022 at 04:15 PM, Ron wrote:
I guess I should have added - are you talking about special event 1x1
Yes, 1x1 call signs, such as the one I am currently working with, N1D. I have several queries about this posted on WSPR-related forums, and I surmise it may simply turn out to be a flaw in the current client decoder. It is interesting that a 1x1 call sign works fine for uploading spots and sending WSPR transmissions....but only certain (probably very old) clients will DECODE a 1x1 call sign, such as the one built into the KiwiSDR. The simplest workaround may be to use a compound call sign, such as N1D/KD4QHB.

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