locked Re: #FT4 #transmit #stopped_working #FT4 #transmit #stopped_working

Jeff Kaplan

The WSJT-X_RigControl.log file is an empty text file I created. I also
gave the wsjtx_log_config.ini file the chance to create the log file. I
tried both ways.

WSJT-X_RigControl.log that I manually created on the second attempt was
placed in C:/Users/<me>/AppData/Local/WSJT-X folder.

The file you placed in the drop box that writes to the log is named
wsjtx_log_config.ini. I placed this in both:


The updated lib_hamlib4.dll was used.

The files were placed while WSJTX program was closed.

I then started the program and placed the split operation to Rig Control
and the mode to FT-4. I clicked the monitor button on to green. I hit
enable transmit.

The program tried to change frequencies several times without success. It
did succeed to transmit once but it struggled and failed many times.

I closed the program and found the log file was not created by the ini
file, and the log file which I manually created on a second attempt was
also empty.

Please do you know what I did wrong. I did database program in the 1990’s
using Windows NT, so I have a basic idea how this should work. Either I
named something wrong or put it in the wrong place, or maybe fid something
in the wrong order,

On Tue, Apr 19, 2022 at 4:07 PM Michael Black via groups.io <mdblack98=
yahoo.com@groups.io> wrote:

That file would go in AppData/Local/WSJT-X
Mike W9MDB

On Tuesday, April 19, 2022, 03:03:09 PM CDT, Jeff Kaplan <
jkaplan1320@...> wrote:

Placed the wsjx_log_config.ini file from downloaded from drop box into
both folders. It did not generate the log file or fill the log file I then
created myself and placed in the ~<me>/appdat/local file you described.
Perhaps I misunderstood what you wanted?

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