Locked Rig control issue with IC7800, WSJTx, & microham MKII #Cat_RigControl

Phil Cooper

Hi all,

New to this group, and as you would expect, I have a weird issue which I need help with...
Let me see if I can explain it -

I have been using WSJTx & JTAlert for ages now, and when I changed to a new PC with Win10Pro 64bit, I had an issue with rig control, so I ended up using the DXLab Commander to control the rig, which works just fine.
However, over the Easter weekend, I decided to see if I could see what was going on with the native rig control.
It seems that I had the stop bit set wrong, and after correcting that, I managed to get rig control.

BUT.... with DXLab Commander, everything works as it should, and yet, when I use the native rig control, my radio goes to a narrow filter on TX, and then sets the RX filter to the same setting. If I change band, and set the wide filter, it will change to the narrow filter as soon as I transmit.

Going back to Commander, this behaviour is normal, and works without changing the filter.

I have looked everywhere to see what may be causing the narrow filter to be used, but I cannot see any setting for this in WSJTx. I have tried without JTAlert, and the same issue occurs, so I have to assume that it is something in WSJTx that is causing the narrow filter to be activated.

Has anyone got any thoughts please?

73 de Phil GU0SUP

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