locked WSJT-X v7 won't start - Need Help - Urgent!

Dick- K9OM

Hi Guys,

I'm trying to work the ARRL VHF Test today and wouldn't you know it, my WSJT-X v7 was working great until today but now it won't work!  I believe the problem may be due to me shutting down WSJT-X last night while in the MFJ-144 mode.  I was trying the 144 mode for the first time last night and shut down WSJT-X while in the 144 mode, and now when I start up WSJT-X and get the start-up message "This is a pre-release version.....", and press "OK", the program shuts down and won't start up.

I have no other programs running while trying to start up WSJT-X v7.  I've also tried to start up WSJT-X v5 and get the exact same results.

Please advise how I can get WSJT-X running again. 

If possible, please e-mail me directly as I have a time lag in getting my messages from the forum.


Dick- K9OM

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