locked Re: FT-991A no decode Windows 10 #decode

Steve Kavanagh


A few things to try/consider (most of these you probably have right...but just in case....):

(1) Can you see signals on the FT-991A scope set to a narrow span?
(2) Can you see signals on the Wide Graph?
(3) Try Mode=USB and see if that makes a difference.
(4) What band are you on? Is it open at the time you are testing?
(5) does the dB meter in the lower left corner show signal levels that vary?
(6) Do you have the correct mode selected for the frequency you are on?
(7) What is the FT-991A's filter bandwidth on Data/Pkt?
(8) Is the Wide Graph window wide enough to show at least 500-2500 Hz (more is better)?
(9) Is the "CQ only" box unchecked?

Steve VE3SMA

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