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Brad, K8ZM

You can avoid the entire mess by uninstalling the old version BEFORE installing the new one. I've been doing this for years w/o any issues at all and was recommended by the late and VERY missed Bill Somerville.

Uninstalling any old version will ultimately uninstall the latest one, but its easily re-installed when done. Here is Bill's answer on the issue;

…..If you really want to clean them up then you must uninstall every one, ignoring warning messages and including the currently installed version(s), then re-install latest version. You log files and settings will be preserved. If you do not want redundant uninstall entries then uninstall WSJT-X before installing a new version.


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Thanks for the reply. Guess I will be skipping any further updates. As long as 2.5.4 serves my purpose there is no real reason to update. I don't do contesting/field day etc. so I don't need an update I won't ever use.

Thanks again.

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