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Bill, WB6JJJ

But WSJT-X can decode two signals on the same frequency... It's nice to have a clear frequency but on many bands that is not possible with >60 signals flowing down the waterfall. The program does amazing things and decoding two on the same frequency is definitely up there.

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I had a question in private email on what I mean by operating on the 50's

If everyone would operate on the 50’s, which is: set your transmit tone frequency to multiples of 50, e.g., 200, 250, 300... ...2900, 2950, 3000.
It would immediately make more room.
Here’s an example.
Operator 1 is on 1200
Operator 2 is on 1275
Operator 3 is on 1350

Operator 2 on 1275 is taking up 2 slots.
Here is an image where you can clearly see what is happening.

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