Locked Re: calling myself in RX Frequency window #IssueReport

Michael Black

I did recently put an extra delay for the K3 on band switching which seems to take a long time....
So if you want to try the latest DLL hopefully it behaves better.http://n0nb.users.sourceforge.net/

Anybody else who sees this type of behavior please speak up so I can look at which rigs may need more of a delay when PTT is turned off.
Mike W9MDB

On Sunday, March 27, 2022, 12:18:57 PM CDT, Barry Bogart <ve7vie@...> wrote:

This was happening to me a while ago and I reported it here. Someone thought it was a VOX issue but I use CAT (KX3). But I haven't seen it lately. It seemed to only happen just after the last of my (automated) transmissions. It was consistently offset by 500 or 1000.

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