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Williams, G (af8c)

Since it only happened once I will hold this email for the future if it happens more often.
-73, Glenn, AF8C

On 3/26/2022 10:11 AM, Michael Black via groups.io wrote:
I've seen this before too...been going on for a long time.

If you're seeing it more right now please download the latest DLL and start collecting debug info like this:


Please place this file as described below

    The WSJT-X_Rigcontrol.log file will be in the same location
For Linux put it in
    The WSJT-X_Rigcontrol.log file will be here:

Restart WSJT-X and duplicate the problem.
Shut down WSJT-X

Then send me the WSJT-X_RigControl.log file along with the time it happens.
Mike W9MDB

On Saturday, March 26, 2022, 01:56:57 AM CDT, Williams, G (af8c) via groups.io <af8c@...> wrote:

This has happened only twice with V2.5.4.  No other times with prior

I was using WIndows 10 USB to Kenwood TS590SG with FT8.   Enable TX was
green and I was transmitting  After several unsuccessful transmissions I
decided I wanted to stop transmitting.  I clicked Halt TX before the
transmission period finished. Then I did some other operation which I
don't remember but all of sudden I got the red bar in the Rx Frequency
window and the Band Activity window. However, it was a red bar with my
call sign on the right.  The first time it happened it appears that I
was calling my own call sign, twice  The other time it happened was in
the last 24 hours or so.  The text was fine, but the bar was red, not
yellow. Those are the only times during thousands of transmissions and
those two events were months apart. Sorry I should have done a screen
copy but I didn't think of it.

Rather than expose other call signs here to the world, I can send a
transcript from ALL.TXT for the first one to any of the developer group
in a private email.

The second example will not be able to be found because ALL.TXT does not
show color.

--73, Glenn, AF8C

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