locked UDP packet transmission timing? #networking

David Lee

Do you know of any significant delays between the start of audio transmission and the sending of the UDP status packet?

I finished building my HF transmitter that uses a hacked version of the WSJT-X source code and it works well. But since I'm a ham, it's time to completely redesign and rebuild it!

I'm thinking about using the UDP status packets that are sent by WSJT-X to initiate transmission. I'll write a UDP server that listens for these packets. It will then encode the text being transmitted, create the GFSK frequencies, and send them to a DDS. (Note that I could also forward the UDP packet along to Gridtracker et al.)

This design means I no longer have to modify and rebuild the source code and can run standard WSJT-X binaries on any of my windows or Linux boxes on the network.

I'm concerned about UDP timing. Do you see any pitfalls with this architecture?

David, N5TLZ

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