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Williams, G (af8c)

A bit of bad news is that a file that is lost may not be able to be recovered.  Making backups has to be done before a calamity.

I don't know everything about file recovery, but I believe that if you are using a spinning magnetic disk hard drive and not an SSD, it might be possible to recover some of your log because on magnetic disks files are erased by marking only the directory links as empty rather than writing blank data into the formerly used disk sectors where the data was.  So there at least used to be software that could scan a hard drive and reassemble and reconnect the directory links to unmark the data sectors as no longer empty.  It's also a way to recover data off a hard drive for forensic reasons. The other bad news is that the longer you wait it is more likely for disk sectors that held your log data may  be overwritten when new files are stored to disk.

A big  background benefit of using LOTW is you will effectively have a backup there, so that you can download your entire log from LOTW.  Anyone can tell us if I am wrong about that.

I have left in previous weeks a note on this reflector on how you can use a DOS COMMAND PROMPT script to make a date and time stamped copy of your WSJT-X log files. But no matter how you do it, backup files with modified file names will prevent WSJT-X from overwriting your log file.  When it's too late, it may be too late.  Any backup copies of files can be protected as READ ONLY with the file PROPERTIES menu selection.  READ ONLY files will not be overwritten nor erased in ordinary use.

--73, Glenn, AF8C

On 3/25/2022 12:59 PM, w5pwh via groups.io wrote:
Good morning all!
I accidentally erased my logbook on WSJTX
now when i am on ft8 it is look starting over
Please tell me there is a way to get my past logbook back

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