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Steve: I didn't see any other postings to your question. I am by no means an expert, but, this site is about the new WSJTX that is designed for MF and LF. WSJT9 is a different group of modes. I just made my first JT9-2 contact on 1.8395 last night and another contact on JT9.1 today on 10.130... You will need to download WSJTX to get the new stuff. It is pretty cool. Be prepared for a long qso if you use the higher numbers. The numbers represent the time it takes for a single transmission but have respectively narower bandwidths and are suited for pulling signals out way below the noise level... I hope that helps. FYI there are not a lot of people on these modes yet so don't get frustrated if it takes a while to make a contact. there was another message with the link for the new WSJTX that came out today...

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Hello all,
Ive got WSJT 9 setup, and it looks much like the V7 I have.

What modes are we talking about here? I hate to sound stupid, but from
what Ive been reading on this list, I see everything from "Its like
JT65, its been renamed to Iscat", and connotations like JT9 which
doesn't appear in the mode list. I notice the additions of modes are
this JT4-A thru G
What exact modulation scheme (on WSJT9 are we trying presently, and i'll
be happy to listen and try.)
You guys are a light year ahead of me, and its difficult to play catch-up.
A bit of translation would be helpful to me.
1.8 mhz is real is noisy here, Ill prob have to confine myself to 30
meters for now until winter quiets things down, but I will try.
A gameplan too if you dont mind? Something like, What exact freq are we
going to try on what band?

thanks, hoping to partipate....Steve KC2UK

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