Locked Re: FT4 LOTW Upload question #logging

Reino Talarmo

You should have also wsjtx_log.adi file covering those contests, I assume. You could upload those as LoTW accepts that file as it is. On the QSO matching point of view it does not matter as all digital QSO are matched as DATA in any case. It may be recorded into LoTW with the actual data mode.
73, Reino OH3mA

I am trying to upload to LOTW a couple of contest logs I have where the QSOs were made in FT4 mode. What mode specifier do I put in the Cabrillo file so the TQSL program will take it? Putting FT4 didn't work. The RTTY Roundup file I have used DG from my logging program and it wouldn't take that either, and that wouldn't let LOTW know which digital mode it was anyways.

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