locked Re: Incorrect time on FT8 Log QSO Screen WSJT-x v2.5.4 #IssueReport

Bruce - K5WBM

Notepad+ should be able to read it.

I rename my all.txt file yearly.

Bruce - K5WBM

On Feb 25, 2022, at 9:04 AM, Bruce Goldstein <wa3afs@...> wrote:

´╗┐Thanks for those that reponded...

Unfortunately, I have never looked at my ALL.TXT file and it is 1.3 GB in size and both WORD and notepad say it is too large. Is there some other editor that I could possibly try. I have now renamed the too large ALL.TXT and restarted WSJT-x so I now have a small file if this happens again.

Maybe I should rename the ALL.TXT monthly....

You could be correct that the SV1 could have called me that morning, but I was calling the YB5 at the time and ignored him...

Bruce, WA3AFS

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