locked Re: WSJT-X Loses TX Audio Connection to transceiver #AudioIssues

Michael Black

Take a look at your sound control panel when this happens.I'll bet your audio is going out another device.This can happen when the audio devices get reset.  Either due to you plugging/unplugging a USB device or RFI causing a device reset.Getting your shack grounding system in good order is a must.Chokes can help.  Particularly on AC transformers from alarm systems, HVAC and sprinkler systems because those are all big antenna systems and AC transformers just love sine waves.
So..first off please describe your grounding system.

Mike W9MDB

On Friday, February 25, 2022, 02:07:39 AM CST, Glen Jenkins WB4KTF <wb4ktf@...> wrote:

I have been having an issue for months where my WSJT-X will function properly for a while in both RX and TX, but then fail.  After some time (even less than an hour of idle time) it will remain receiving but when I try to TX or TUNE, the audio over USB fails (no RF output) even though the transceiver gets keyed to TX.  The Configuration Settings are not changing.  I do have USB port Power Management 'disabled', so the PC (WIN10) is not shutting down these ports to save power.  I have to shut down WSJT-X then relaunch it to get TX working again.  Suggestions appreciated. Rig: IC-7610
Glen, WB4KTF
Austin, TX

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