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Thanks for your reply and comments.

I got it working now, although I did not suspect the soundcard for several
reasons, I had a closer look at it. It is a Signalink, so I took it apart
and reseated all the jumpers. Then I cleaned the USB and RJ45 ports. I put
it together and it works. Hopefully it will work for another 10 years.

Thanks Dan

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OS is ubuntu 18.04.

I had been running v2.1 for a long time, I recently developed a problem.

Transmit works flawlessly, but on receive, on every other receive cycle ,
the wide graph freezes, and the audio meter on the main panel shows no

for example is i call CQ:

30 xmit cq
45 receiving - wide graph frozen, no audio on meter
00 xmit cq ok
15 receiving -- all ok

and cycle repeats.

So I checked all setting, no issues found
tried another instance of WSJTX, with another radio and different sound
card, same issue.

So then i removed wsjtx, reinstalled, ==no change
upgraded to ver 2.2-- ===no change
upgraded to ver 2.5.4 ===no change

anybody have any ideas of what is going on??

Thanks Dan KC2STA

Dan Ziolkowski KC2STA
SKCC #4290T
Ubuntu LINUX

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