Locked Re: Error In Sound Input #AudioIssues

Larry Banks

Including any HDMI ports?

Larry / W1DYJ

On 2/15/2022 14:11, Michael Black via groups.io wrote:
Have you turned off all sleep stuff in the USB devices and USB Hubs listed in Device Manager?

Are you on Windows 11?  I've had quite a few problems lately with audio drivers not working all of a sudden and though it might be RFI but I'm beginning to think it's either me plugging/unplugging stuff and a Windows bug re-enumerating the audio devices.

On Tuesday, February 15, 2022, 01:08:22 PM CST, Michael Ernst<mernst@...> wrote:
Mike,I have addressed the RFI  topic previously,  but let me address it again. The error is occurring when I am not transmitting and have not been transmitting.So that eliminates RFI, other than any RFI being generated by Device power supplies. And furthermore, I have every USB cable and every wall wart cable wound around a Toroid. This issue is not RFI.Thanks, Mike, AE8USent from my T-Mobile 5G Device

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