Locked Re: Error In Sound Input #AudioIssues

Michael Ernst

I have further information on this issue, and I am interested in any feedback from others who are having intermittent errors regarding "Error in sound input". If you are also receiving this error, I have two questions:

1) Are you also using JTAlert, and have it set for sound alerts for such things as needed stations, etc.?
2) Are you using USB speakers for the sound alerts, along with the USB Audio Codec in WSJT-X?

I have discovered if I change the JTAlert settings sound card from the USB speakers to a non-USB audio device (in my case I am using a set of headphones), then the error goes away. I am still trying to determine if it is an error in the JTAlert software, or a conflict between the USB Audio Codec driver and the USB Speaker driver. But I am almost certain, at least in my case that one of these is the culprit.

Any feedback would be appreciated.

Thanks and 73,
Mike, AE8U

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