Locked Re: How do I change CQ message #WSJTX_config

Reino Talarmo

Hi Joel,
First of all WSJT-X does not send more than "CQ W0GMV EM28", the rest is locally generated information. You can see what is actually sent on yellow TX messages, if you have "Tx messages to Rx frequency window" selected.
I have not checked, there is a selected "Show principal prefix instead of country name" in File | Settings | General Display section. That may be checked in your case.
By the way where you see the " CQ W0GMV EM28 CQ Zone 4"? My Tx messages does not show it, hi!
73, Reino OH3mA

I found that every time I send CQ it's sending CQ W0GMV EM28 CQ Zone 4, How do I get that "CQ zone 4" back to just send U. S A. or nothing??????????

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