Locked Re: F991a No TX #Windows07 #Yaesu

Mike Black

On Monday, February 14, 2022, 02:00:11 AM CST, Marc Cooper <marccooper.usc@...> wrote:

Subject: TX on FT991A #Yaesu
Trying to set up my ft991a on wsjt-x with only a usb cable and, well, you know...having trouble.

Shielded A/B cable. Check.
Yaesu Drivers installed and visible as com4 and com5, Check
Wsjt-x configured as indicated by many
CAT check and PTT check. Checks
RX- All good
PTT check
BUT NO xmit power.

Audio codecs are set. There must be something in the rig menus I have not set properly though I have followed the directions from two online videos.  what am I missing?  Anybody who wants to be hero and can also TALK me thru this for 5 mins (west coast) would be fab/ But all suggestions appreciated!
Marc W6IWW Vancouver WA

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