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Lars Berg

I have “Fake it” instead of “Rig Split” and have same problem with 55Hz. I just reset it.

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I have also reported that the frequency shifts by 55Hz due to the
designation of Omnirig. The same phenomenon occurs with the FTdx3000, and
it seems that the value for shifting the VFO-B and returning it to the
original frequency after transmission is miscalculated, but I think it will
be corrected after a while.
Can you avoid it with Fake It instead of Rig Split?

73, Kiyo JA9HWD

2022年2月14日(月) 16:01 Charly DF5VAE <df5vae@...>:


Does anyone have a problem like the one I describe here:
Setup: WSJTx (all recent versions), Icom 9700 and Icom 7300, OMNIRIG 1.19

WSJTx starts with last FT8 frequency settings, i.e. 50.313 (7300) and
144.174 (IC9700)

Within two seconds the initially correct frequency displayed moves up by
to : 144.174 055 respectively 50.313 055 .

55Hz is not a big step - but it happens every time I start WSJTx.

Once corrected, the 55Hz offset does not reappear until I restart WSJTx. .

It could be a timing problem or what ever else.

Did anyone else experience the same issue and has found a way top solve it?

Charly DF5VAE

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