Locked FT8 Free text #FT8

Greg Cook

I think this is specific to FT8 with regard to free text faciltiy but could be wrong, and apologies if this has been addressed before (did a search).
OK, I have been using the free text box 13 characters to include tiny conversational input by replying to "RR73" with "GREG100DIP 73" (assuming I called the guy). The content is hopefully self evident. My query is that I never get a response and wonder whether:

1) The 13 char free text relies on stronger FEC or whatever so that it may often not get through
2) Since the other guy's call is not included then perhaps the text doesn't light up in colour on the other guy's screen so is missed (to include call would severely limit already severely limited text field). But in that case the freq would be the same at least and the text would occur in the Rx frequency box which would help identify it
3) It's boring so never gets attention, but then conventional qso's generally include some additional info (excluding contest stuff)

I feel like I'm missing something here. Thoughts?

Greg g4cui

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