locked Re: Interest in WSJTX #Kenwood #macOS #TechnicalHelpQuestion

Tom - K5EIS

Hi David;
Since you are just getting started, all you need to receive & decode WSJT-X signals, besides what you already have, is a quiet room. You can then receive & decode WSJT-X without any cable at all. Tune your receiver to the proper frequency for the digital mode you want to decode, probably FT8 since it seems to be the most popular right now, put your receiver's audio output (speaker) close to your computers audio input (mike) with the volume turned up, start up the WSJT-X software on that computer, ensure the software is set to the proper mode, probably FT8, and the computer sound card is selected for audio input. The software will probably start decoding the signals and displaying them on your computer screen. That will be fun for awhile, but then you'll probably want to start transmitting, which is when you'll need the audio cable between the computer and radio. You can probably use the transceiver VOX circuit so the software can key the transmitter.

I recommend a book from the ARRL store called "Get On The Air with HF Digital" for more basic & detailed information on how to get started with digital modes. I haven't used Mac computers, so I won't be able to help you with that, but I have used WSJT-X, a Kenwood TS2000, & an Intel/Windows computer for working digital modes.

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