locked Re: Support for SAT mode and FREQ_RX #logging #EnhancementReqest

Florian Wolters (DF2ET)

Hi Karl,

I enhanced WSJT-X so that it logs SAT name along with the RX frequency
which it didn't do before. Just looking for beta testers for my patch.

vy73 de Florian DF2ET

On 29.01.22 14:59, Carlos wrote:
Hallo Florian !
I didn't understand what you want to Test.
I am on QO-100 and a test is possible.
How can I help you ???
Am 29.01.22, 14:22 schrieb "Florian Wolters (DF2ET)" <df2et@...>:

Dear group,

I saw that (full) support for SAT mode QSOs was requested several times.
Im implemented a patch for that and tried to post it to the list but
apparently this got denied. So if anyone wishes to test that patch
please get in touch directly. Happy to receive results before trying to
get that implemented.

vy73 de Florian DF2ET

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