locked Re: Raspberry input level #raspberryPi #Icom

Chris VE3NRT

Hi Make,

Are you using AGC on the 7600? For me, it makes a large difference. If signals are 80dB without it, they'll drop to about 40dB with. However, I usually run without AGC and use the attenuator to bring the level down, and if it needs to come down more I use the RF attenuation knob. I believe that it is better to lower the levels at the RF front end than the audio back end. Hopefully you get 80dB only when there are strong signals - not all the time!

My IC-7100 has a setting (Set Mode -> Connector -> AF Audio Level) that will adjust the USB audio level output, but I couldn't find the equivalent in the 7600 manual in the same section. I used that it increase the audio level when it was too low, as the default is "50%", whatever that means.


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