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Bob Lewis

It's not guaranteed that the other station's frequency is clear on his end. There could be dozens of stations calling him on that frequency. If he's DX then calling on his frequency could be a very bad choice.

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Hi Gwen,,
"Your transmission (red/top cursor) is probably more likely to get thru if it is on a "dead/deep blue" portion of the waterfall."
Actually that spot might be completely RED at the other stations location.One thing is guaranteed, the offset that other station is using is clear at his end.


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Shouldn't matter whether the cursors match the desired station. If the waterfall display is red, it is actually better that your cursor not be on that frequency. Your transmission (red/top cursor) is probably more likely to get thru if it is on a "dead/deep blue" portion of the waterfall. Yes, every transmission displayed in the left hand log box is on the waterfall.
RE: first portion -- if the signal you are attempting is weak (in a blue waterfall display), you are more likely to make contact if your transmit cursor matches his --- but if the stream is red, move your transmitter to a bluer section of the waterfall.

On 1/26/22 8:59 AM, Michael Black via groups.io wrote:
It seems most people are using "Hold Tx" to keep their transmit offset the same -- not caring who/where the receiver is.This is working them split in the classical sense. You can work them on their frequency but you may collide with others doing that.
Mike W9MDB

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So, I am a new WSJT user. I can transmit decode and exchange. Please
tell me best way to use red and green freq cursors? In log on left
contacts have numbers that seem to match numbers in waterfall. How
does one use this info and match cursors to station one wants to
exchange with? Should cursors be over under each other? Or should
there always be a spilt? If so what? Should cursors be put over data
streams going down the waterfall ? In log on left how does one know
witch stream they are in waterfall? QSL de N1JSM. Ty

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