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FWIW .... time sync is actually part of the 'System Requirements' as
listed in the WSJT-X User Guide :

On that subject, a little expansion may be needed for newcomers and even as a reminder for some older ones who have forgotten.

I leave my rig on, monitoring 24/7/365. If I’m not using it myself, it is parked on an interesting band where I expect activity, especially overnight when the upper bands aren’t open. Overnight, I’m usually on 80 meters. During the day, I’m on 17 or as high as propagation will allow for a reasonable length of time.

When I get up in the morning, I look at the incoming list of stations to see how DX is doing. I am really surprised how many people aren’t paying attention to their clocks. It’s irritating to see so many that are a second or more off. Sometimes, I’ll try to let a station know about it with a free text, but when there are three or four of them that are way off, it just seems strange. The tools are right in front of each operator. Why aren’t they fixing it? Almost every morning I see KD1XXX (prefix could be wrong) sitting nearly 2 second off.

Some think that as long as they are within a second or two, they are okay. True - TO A POINT! Think about it a little more. If you are off +1.5 seconds, anyone who is off the other way more than 1 second (-1) will not decode you and you won’t decode them. That’s because the combined error is your signals is over 2.5 seconds total. You’re burning up the air, wasting some of your time.

Please strive to say well within 1 second. There are plenty of automatic ways to have your clock set properly to the right time. EVEN MANUALLY, your can get within 1 second very easily. Just look at the incoming signals. Not all of them are correctly time. BUT THE MAJORITY OF THEM ARE WELL WITHIN A HALF SECOND (.5).

73, and keep track of time (don’t waste it). 😉

Gary - AG0N

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