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What do you do with all those grids you collect?
73, Carey, WB4HXE

On Wed, Jan 26, 2022 at 11:14 AM Roger <groups@...> wrote:

On 26/01/2022 15:28, Carlos wrote:
.... locator in
Tx 1 I do not log these QSOs as I >regard them as incomplete.
OK, well, its up to you Roger....
And, do the other station know, that you did not log the QSO ?
Is for you the missing locator a reason for a faulty QSO ???
73, Karl OE3JAG
Normally there is no requirement to log any QSO in the UK so there
should be no expectation any QSO will be logged.

I usually ignore calls without a grid but the odd one creeps through.

I like to collect the grid of stations I work so a QSO without without a
grid is useless to me.


Am 26.01.22, 13:40 schrieb Roger <groups@...>:

On 26/01/2022 12:22, Chuck - KY4CU wrote:
It's fairly standard to use this method to move things along. It's
mentioned in 10.5 of the user's guide:

In some circumstances it may be desirable to make your QSOs as short as
possible. To configure the program to start contacts with message #2,
disable message #1 by double-clicking its radio-button in the Next
or Tx 1 button in the Now column. Similarly, to send RR73 rather than
for message #4, double-click one of its buttons.

Unless they have a complex call which prevents sending their locator in
Tx 1 I do not log these QSOs as I regard them as incomplete.


Carey Fisher

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