locked Double-click on call sets TX enable #TechnicalHelpQuestion

Steve Z

I usually have option "Double-click on call sets TX enable" checked "on" so that I can quickly respond to someone calling CQ or tail-ending my QSO. This works well if one can quickly double-click before the next 15 second period begins. But, in cases where I am unable to respond so quickly, I would like to be able to double-click on the call but not have "TX enable be set" thus avoiding transmission sometime during the 15 second period. Thus, an option to hold a modifying key, such as CTRL or SHIFT, while double clicking would be very useful. Thus, double-clicking on the call with the modifying key held down would populate the call in the "standard message area," but not enable TX. Now I would be able to wait before the next transmission period to set TX enable.

Is this a useful option to others? Is there another way to do this without having the source code modified?

Steve N9SZ

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