locked Re: Answering FTx CQ with Tx2-message #QSO_practices


regarding starting a QSO with the TX2, i normally don't respond to stations that start out with TX2.  PERIOD!
Well, we are all different. When responding to others I usually start with TX1 unless I see that they are responding to and perhaps preferring callers who start with TX2 (as is often the case with semi-rare DX). I would prefer to start with TX2 but I know many don't like that so I try to be courteous and give them what they want.

When I call CQ, I give priority to stations who call me with TX2, at least to the extent that I can process the information presented and choose one quickly enough. I primarily work DX. With the often extreme and constantly varying QRM on busy FT8 channels, shortening the QSO gives me a better chance of completing the QSO before the other station gets buried under stronger signals. I know WSJT-X is very good at sorting out overlapping signals, but there are limits and I lose quite a few to QRM.

Paul N1BUG

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