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Don Roden

On 2022-01-24 4:11 am, Roger wrote:

On 23/01/2022 21:58, Don Roden wrote
All TS-2000 owners !!
Do NOT use CAT
Please provide an explanation for this statement.
Roger and Group,
PSK31 was developed and named by English amateur radio operator Peter Martinez (call sign [1] G3PLX) and introduced to the wider amateur radio community in December 1998.
About the same time frame, Kenwood introduced the TS-2000. Which at the time was the most complete dual receiver multi-mode transceiver ever produced.
The designer of the TS-2000, seeing the usefulness of sound card modes like pSK-31 and later WSJTX added a second PTT input on the ACC Jack that turned off the front panel microphone input and enabled a rear panel sound card input also on the ACC Jack.
A sound card designer, Tigertronix / Signalink built a PTT output into their product triggered by the sound card audio. They took advantage of Kenwood's mike / aux audio selection by selecting the correct ACC pin to feed data PTT and data into the rear of the TS-2000.
Basically a plug-and-play solution for TS-2000 owners wanting to use PSK-31 and later on any other sound card program for RTTY or WSJTX.
IF a TS-2000 owner that is new to WSJTX wants to try FT8 or FT4, CAT control sounds like the "logical" way to send PTT to the TS-2000...... *Except* CAT control turns on the front panel microphone...... and defeats the expected rear panel audio input.
"I see the PTT light but no output power on my TS-2000."
is a typical response from new users when using CAT to control the PTT on the TS-2000.
My response : Don't use CAT.

[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amateur_radio#Call_signs

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