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Don Roden

It might be an option for a "Rig Blaster" type interface that uses the front panel mike connector and a switchbox before the microphone.input connector. It seems ( to me ) a waste of a well thought out method of feeding dissimilar levels to the TS2000. But different strokes ................


On 2022-01-23 4:01 pm, Michael Black via groups.io wrote:

I thought the Front/Read panel connector buttons in WSJT-X would work.
But I see it's greyed out for the TS-2000....I'll need to fix that....
Mike W9MDB
On Sunday, January 23, 2022, 03:58:18 PM CST, Don Roden <donroden@...> wrote:
Do NOT use CAT
Do NOT use CAT
Do NOT use CAT
All TS-2000 owners !!
Do NOT use CAT
On 2022-01-23 3:19 pm, Karl Beckman WA8NVW - AFA5VB wrote:

The "No Audio from Rear Panel" condition exists when you inject PTT via
either CAT command or serial RTS logic low to the Mic PTT line. Either
signal mutes the TS2000 rear panel audio input; Then transmit audio is
accepted only from the TS2000 front panel Mic connector. This is
working exactly as designed and documented by Kenwood from day one and
was not modified in any subsequent firmware update. Since the rear
panel audio input signal is disabled, the TxMon feature sends nothing
to the speaker. The pre-selected defaults for WSJTx that appear when
the user runs the setup and chooses Knwd TS2000 as the radio model
would have worked correctly from the beginning (which at my station was
WSJTx 1.8 a few years ago).
The good news is that you have no less than two other methods to get
your TS-2000 setup working properly with WSJTx: These two are my first
thoughts, and others here probably have even better ways to get you on
the air again. So dig out your TS2000 manual and thumb back to page 95
for interfacing an MCP or TNC to the radio.
Method 1) In WSJT change the Radio PTT setting to VOX, DO NOT USE
CAT!! Remember, a CAT PTT or a station PTT (pin 13) will ALWAYS mute
the rear panel ACCY2 jack audio input and unmute the front panel mic
Method 2)
If uou MUST use an RTS PTT signal instead of VOX, rewire your RTS PTT
lead to pin 9 of the rear panel ACCY2 jack, used for PKS or Packet
Send. The corresponding transmitter audio input is PKD or Packet Data.
NOTE: That is the ONLY point you can apply the PTT signal and get
modulation routed into the transmitter. The ground return for both
lines is pin 8 or pin 12 on the 13-pin DIN connector.
CAUTION: The 13-pin DIN plug can be inserted upside down without
causing smoke. Ignore any arrows on the molded plug body. Check it
visually! Again, be sure you disable CAT control and use only the VOX
or PTT option in WSJTx.
Stefan's issue has nothing to do with the recent updates or any coding
of Hamlib inside WSJTx, It is simply a peculiarity of the Kenwood
TS2000.station which has been known since the rig debuted over two
decades ago. Indeed, Stefan CAN'T use any source of CAT commands to
get WSJTx transmitting in his station. CAT is itself the root cause of
his missing Tx audio problem.
73 & gud DX in Cycle 25
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