locked Re: Receive signal level with Signalink USB #signalink

Floyd Sense

On Fri, Jan 21, 2022 at 07:58 AM, K3EUI Barry wrote:

SignaLink RX audio is MONO.

What happens if you pull RX audio from the radio's (TenTec) headphone jack
(maybe stereo) and feed that into the SPKR 3.5mm socket (stereo) on the rear
of the S-Link?

that way the VOL control on the radio will have an affect on the S-Link's
input signal.

Barry k3eui
Well Barry, your comments led to the solution. Using headphone or speaker audio to the Signalink made no difference at all. But, I got to thinking about your comment on the RX audio being MONO. I checked to see in the Signalink sound card properties how I had the default audio format set, and it was set to 2 channel. And, the gain for both channels was set to maximum. I changed the format to 1 channel, and that fixed the problem for WSJT-X. And, I had to run the gain in properties way down in order to get the WSJT-X receive audio level out of the red zone. Then I did some checking with JTDX and found that it made no difference whether the sound card was defined as 1 or 2 channel - it worked both ways. Not sure how the interface looks to WSJT-X, but clearly the 2 channel configuration resulted in the audio being just about nulled out. There is no mention of the correct format in the Signalink manual that I have. Thanks much for your comments!

73, Floyd - K8AC

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