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Reino Talarmo

Hi Bob,
That feature is designed on purpose. The most important issue is that some protocols use message stacking i.e. use multiple message for final decoding. That improves sensitivity quite a lot. Another use is especially in contests, when you need to repeat the report message. If you change the report value, then you cannot know which one the other operator actually got and logged.
If you want to send a "final" report, you could sent it as a free text message, say RPT -13 DB 73. Well, you cannot include a call sign into that message.
73, Reino OH3mA

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I recently upgraded WSJT-X from 2.1.2 to 2.5.4. I'm impressed with the faster FT8 decode. But I've noticed a difference in behavior when I call stations with Tx2 rather than Tx1. When calling a station, I like to send the most recent signal report. When starting with Tx2, the signal report I give with 2.5.4 seems to be locked by my first call. If I have to call more than once, in 2.1.2 I could double click on the most recent decode and my Tx2 report would be updated. However, with 2.5.4 double-clicking doesn't update the report I send. I have to artificially double-click on a different station, and then double-click on the original station to refresh my Tx2 report. Maybe there is a setting that I'm overlooking, but otherwise it seems like a bug or disabled feature.

I'm not a daily follower of this forum, so apologies if this issue has already been discussed.

Thanks for the help.

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