locked Can't update Tx2 signal report #QSO_practices

bob norin

I recently upgraded WSJT-X from 2.1.2 to 2.5.4. I'm impressed with the faster FT8 decode. But I've noticed a difference in behavior when I call stations with Tx2 rather than Tx1. When calling a station, I like to send the most recent signal report. When starting with Tx2, the signal report I give with 2.5.4 seems to be locked by my first call. If I have to call more than once, in 2.1.2 I could double click on the most recent decode and my Tx2 report would be updated. However, with 2.5.4 double-clicking doesn't update the report I send. I have to artificially double-click on a different station, and then double-click on the original station to refresh my Tx2 report. Maybe there is a setting that I'm overlooking, but otherwise it seems like a bug or disabled feature.

I'm not a daily follower of this forum, so apologies if this issue has already been discussed.

Thanks for the help.

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