locked Re: Wsjt for field day - newbie questions #macOS #Yaesu

Lawrence Godek

Get yourself a solar panel, portable foldup or otherwise along with the charge controller which is a small item and use that to keep things charged up.  Whole package could weigh less than a couple lbs at most.  Battery and radio is where most of the weight is.  No inverter necessary if your running the radio from the 12V battery.

Larry W0OGH

On 1/14/2022 7:35 PM, florida randy wrote:
I’ve come to enjoy FT8 on my Yaesu FT991a here in the shack with a 13” MacBook Pro (Early 2015] and a Buddistick Pro portable antenna. I am planning to take the radio, laptop and antenna out for field day and POTA and plan to buy a 20ah lithium batter go box to power the radio. My question deals with the laptop. While the battery can power the radio and a phone all day, it can’t power the laptop. What are my options? Is there WSJT app that would run on my iPad which could charge from the go box? To run the laptop would require an inverter and reduce the battery life. Any suggestions are appreciated.

Randy N4TDT

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