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Tom V. Segalstad

Hi Randy,

A number of times I have operated as JW4LN from Svalbard, in the summer wilderness of the Arctic.

I brought a ~50 Ampère-hours 12 Volt sealed battery, plus two solar panels (each ~30 inches).
The solar panels were connected to the battery at all times, and even charged the battery when the sky was completely clouded. It’s of course beneficial that Arctic has daylight all day and night during summer. And the solar panels were charging the battery even when the sky was covered by clouds.

This «power supply» was powering my Icom IC-706Mk2 transceiver (with 100 W output power) plus a lap-top PC, running RTTY and PSK31 and AMTOR digital modes (this was before the WSJT-X and FT-8 era).

With this «self-charging» system thousands of QSOs were made from the wilderness of the Arctic during several summers.

This power system has also been used powering a portable VHF repeater for two weeks in Norway, charging only during daylight, with a transmitting power of ~15 Watts. No problem, and with no need for external electrical power.

During my first JW4LN expedition to Svalbard in the Arctic in 1971 a gasoline aggregate was used for electric power for a Yaesu FTdx400 transceiver (called Sommerkamp FTdx500 in Europe) with radio tubes in its transmitter, but my radio activities stopped when we ran out of gasoline fuel. So the battery plus solar panel power supply, which became available many years later, was much better, and only needed daylight.

73 and good luck from Tom (LA4LN / JW4LN)

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Emne: Re: [WSJTX] Wsjt for field day - newbie questions #macOS #Yaesu

Buy a lithium-ion battery such as the Jackery 1000 or 1500. That can run a
laptop for quite a while without recharge. You can recharge it from your
car, if needed.

73, Don AD0K

On Fri, Jan 14, 2022, 20:35 florida randy <srqcrete@...> wrote:

I’ve come to enjoy FT8 on my Yaesu FT991a here in the shack with a 13”
MacBook Pro (Early 2015] and a Buddistick Pro portable antenna. I am
planning to take the radio, laptop and antenna out for field day and POTA
and plan to buy a 20ah lithium batter go box to power the radio. My
question deals with the laptop. While the battery can power the radio and
a phone all day, it can’t power the laptop. What are my options? Is there
WSJT app that would run on my iPad which could charge from the go box? To
run the laptop would require an inverter and reduce the battery life. Any
suggestions are appreciated.

Randy N4TDT

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