locked Re: Just compiled WSJT-X on Ubuntu 20.04 and it crashes on "Tune" #wsjt-x-crashing


Hi Karza!!

Thank you so much for replying!!

I found the ini file in ./config and deleted it. I restarted WSJT-X and I plugged in the sound from the radio and nothing happened. I checked File->Settings ->Audio and noticed the drop down selections for Soundcard Inputs and Outputs were blank so I selected "default" for both. At this point, I think I got something on the audio level bar but it was not decoding anything. Then I switched the Mode from JT9 to FT8 and then adjusted the "Microphone" volume level slider in Ubuntu 20.04 upper right until the wsjtx sound level meter was around "60".

At this point stations started pouring in like mad! Big smile!
But unfortunately, as it always does, the minute I click on "Tune" it crashes.

On Fri, Jan 14, 2022 at 01:52 PM, Karza wrote:

Zac Helmberger

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