locked Re: Just compiled WSJT-X on Ubuntu 20.04 and it crashes on "Tune" #wsjt-x-crashing


Hi Jeff! Sorry I was not clear on my original message. It was late at night.

I tried to install wsjtx from the binary package for Ubuntu 18.04 and it would not function at all. I almost installed WineHD on my Ubuntu 18.04 but decided against it since it involved over a gigabyte of downloads to install WineHD, which allows you to run Windows 7 and Windows 10 executables on Ubuntu. I read that people had better success on Ubuntu 20.04, so I upgraded to Ubuntu 20.04 and then installed wsjtx again and it installed in 5 seconds flat! I was quite impressed!
Once I got the Xiegu G90 into USB mode and turned off AGC, stations just started pouring in like crazy!! I was pulling stations from ALL OVER THE WORLD!! So I played around with that for a day or so and then I wanted to transmit. So I clicked on "Tune" and the WSJT-X immediately crashed, pegging the CPU at 100%. I was forced to kill the process since clicking on exit, although it made the WSJT-X window go away, the CPU was still maxed out.

Then I read the documentation at:

that says,
"If the binary package is not compatible with your Linux distribution or version, you must build the application from sources. "

So I assumed this was the case and started copying and pasting cryptic commands found at:


and in the wee hours of the morning, I was actually able to compile WSJT-X from source code! I thought that was pretty neat but it added gigabytes of libraries and stuff to my rapidly filling up hard disk.

I ran the program and it behaved pretty much exactly the same way, unfortunately. But the first time I ran the program, I clicked on "Tune" and it DID NOT crash! I thought I had finally made it through the tunnel of despair! But I forgot to ascertain whether anything was coming out of the headphone jack. I turned it off and turned it back on again and it crashed. SO I only got about 5 to 10 seconds of usable software when you click on "Tune". But ever since that, the program always immediately crashes at 100% CPU.

So I am not sure if it is the laptop that is at fault? Or something else?? I am stopped at this point.

I have made "bootable" USB thumbdrives before and I tried to make one for "Andy's Ham Radio Linux" and it absolutely refuses to boot on my Asus K52F Ubuntu 20.04 laptop or my Windows 7 Lenovo Thnikpad T520. Andy'd Linus is supposed to have a working copy of WSJT-X on it along with a bunch of other ham goodies.

Andy recommended making your boot USB drive from a program called MultiBootUSB. SO I was going to try and get that to work on Ubuntu 20.04 but it looks like the project died about 4 years ago so I cannot find an executable and most likely trying to compile from source code would not work. I couldn't even begin to tell you where to start to compile it.

Zac Helmberger

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