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How are you invoking ptt on the radio? It sounds as if you are only set up
to receive.

If that's the case, perhaps doing a TUNE without a radio on the other end
is causing a problem.


On Fri, Jan 14, 2022 at 10:13 AM Jeff Stillinger via groups.io <kb6ibb=
zohomail.com@groups.io> wrote:

Why not just download and install the compiled binary package for Ubuntu


On 1/14/22 01:51, Zachrey via groups.io wrote:
I just compiled hamlib and wsjtx on Ubuntu 20.04 and amazingly, it
completed the process. It took about 2 hours of focused effort to copy and
paste the commands from the webpage:


It involved downloading gigabytes of libraries and something called Qt

After it compiled and installed, I simply typed in a terminal "wsjtx"
and it executed!! I am able to feed in the audio from the Xiegu G90 (no cat
control, just audio going into the microphone jack on the laptop and "rig"
is set to "None" in WSJT-X "Settings" dialog) and see a beautiful waterfall
display and piles of stations pouring in on the band activity pane.

With htop running, and I press "Tune" for the first time, the CPU usage
was normal, but I did not check to see if there was audio coming out of the
headphones port. But now when I run wsjtx again, the CPU goes to 100% as
soon as I press "Tune" and I have to kill it using sigterm on the htop

I can also click on "Tune" button again and it goes out like expected
BUT the CPU is STILL pegged at 100% AND the waterfall display halts AND no
more stations coming in on Band Activity pane. The lower left status box
shows "Receiving" on a green background.

and the animated blue countdown bar in the lower right (1 through
15/15)is still going.
One time on the original "canned" install I saw the lower left status
box say something like "Tx Watchdog timeout" with a red background. Maybe
that is a clue??

I could REALLY use some help. I tried to make a boot-able flash drive
with Andy's Ham Radio Linux and that went nowhere since I could not make
the flash drive bootable even with Ubuntu 20.04's nifty "Startup Disk
Maker" tool. I do not know how to download the ISO file to Windows7 laptop
and make it boot off of that.

The canned wsjtx which I had initially installed had essentially the
excat same problem as the freshly compiled version with the latest
everything on it. I am stopped at this point.

Asus K52F running Ubuntu 20.04.

Do I need to use a different laptop? Should I try to install Windows 7
on my laptop and leave Linux? Should I install WineHD on Ubuntu??

Jeff Stillinger
KB6IBB Laboratories, Wylie Texas

Dan Ziolkowski KC2STA
SKCC #4290T
Ubuntu LINUX

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