Locked Re: [WSJTX - 2.5.3-win64] - Lockup after abnormal termination #Cat_RigControl

Michael Luke

Some more information. After an abnormal termination of WSJT-X, N1MM was
restarted. Then WSJT-X was restarted from pulldown. There was some message
about a lock file that needed to be cleared and if I wanted to do this. I
said yes. This resulted in changes to my WSJT-X config. In particular in the
Settings/Radio tab the Rig: Setting was changed from "DX Lab Suite
Commander" back to my old IC-9100 setting (how did WSJT-X remember this???).
When I went back and put the DX Lab back into the selection, I could not get
the rig control to work. There must have been something else that got
changed. I have 2 version of WSJT-X installed, one with N1MM and 1 with only
WSJT. I have noted the following directory structure. Can 2 instances of
WSJT run as indicated without cross accesses? I'm wondering if the
"WSJT-X-ForEW1.ini" is corrupted causing the problems that I am seeing. Note
that any single program can run OK and talk to the IC-9100. I just can't run
the N1MM with WSJT-X anymore. (PS: This has been running for months if not
years up to now).

- Configured with N1MM executable directory version 2.5.3
C:\Users\Mike\AppData\Local\WSJT-X - ForEW1 -
Local data for N1MM use
"C:\Program Files (x86)\N1MM Logger+\N1MMLogger.net.exe" - Shortcut to

C:\WSJT\wsjtx - standalone
- Configured without N1MM executable directory version 2.4.0
- Local data for standalone use
"C:\WSJT\wsjtx - standalone\bin\wsjtx.exe"
- Shortcut to WSJT

I'm beginning to think my next course of action may be to de-install N1MM
and WSJT but that is a radical solution.


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Not sure if this is a N1MM or WSJT issue. I was participating in the ARRL
RTTY Roundup with FT8 and somehow caused an abnormal termination of WSJT-X.
I tried to /restart/PCReset/RebootAll but could not clear this error. This
version is running with N1MM. I have a stand alone version of WSJT-X the
runs fine but, of course, can't use it at present because all current
logging is in N1MM and don't want to loose all this. Is there a lock file
somewhere that needs to be deleted?

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