Locked Re: Audio from Kenwood ts590s to hp g42 running linux mint 20.1 and wsjtx 2.5.4 #Kenwood #linux

Thomas, SM0KBD


if you can control the rig as you described originally it seems like you have no problem with your Hamlib. Hamlib is used for controlling the rig. If you don't see a signal coming into WSJT-X you most probably have a problem with you sound settings. In Mint you have a tool "Synaptic" which you use for installing the mentioned programs if needed.

Regarding controlling the rig with hamlib I am using a slightly more advanced setup which I have documented here:


The hamlib was compiled by myself in order to get a working hamlib for WSJT-X 2.5.2. That was needed when I first installed the WSJT-X as mentioned on the page above. But I hope that it is not necessary any longer, especially as it seems like you can control the rig.


/Thomas, SM0KBD

Den 2022-01-10 kl. 17:49, skrev Dave AF5IA:

Thank you for your response.

I don't have any of the choices you mention. I don't think I have the latest hamlib version. I've been a little confused on which to chose. Intel 64bit processor and Mint 20.0. Any suggestions?
I tried to run rigctl but no success.

Dave AF5IA


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