Locked Re: OmniRig Error After Upgrading to v 2.5.4 #Cat_RigControl

Paul Chesloff

Hi Pietro,

I wasn't aware of the inability to share a com port, Thx. Would the following scenario work to allow the two programs to share the same USB cable AND the same instance of OmniRig?
1. Assign COM 1 to Rig 1 and COM 2 to Rig 2.
2. Assign Rig 1 (7610 DATA) to WSJT and Rig 2 (7610) to Log4OM.

However I should point out that for some reason Log4OM and WSJT were previously running simultaneously over the same USB cable very successfully with WSJT 2.5.3, and NO changes were made other than installing 2.5.4. Also, after the upgrade WSJT gave the same error even when Log4OM wasn't running.

To clarify the exact errors:

1. Initially opening WSJT gives: Rig Control Error - Do you want to reconfigure the radio interface?"
2. Hitting OK, then Test CAT, gives "Rig failure - Failed to start OmniRig COM server"


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