Locked Re: Monitoring WSJT-X UDP Logbook Broadcasts #logging

Mike Black

You don't say what language -- just doing a search comes up with a couple of examples.



Format is in NetworkMessage.hpp

Mike W9MDB

On Monday, January 10, 2022, 09:48:01 AM CST, G4NVB via groups.io <dpgh_forum@...> wrote:

I participate in the 'Worked all Britain' (WAB) Award Schemes and have developed a WAB dedicated Logbook using Visual Fox Pro (VFP) which displays various details of squares worked etc for each award.

Currently I use WSJT-X to log my contacts in my Ham Radio Deluxe (MySQL Database) which I share with my VFP Logging Program.

After each QSO I then have to edit each potential WAB Contact and add the relevant WAB information using my VFP or HRD Logbook. Much of this process could be automated if only my VFP Program could interpret the WASJT-X UDP Broadcast.

Is there a program available that will enable me to monitor the UDP Broadcasts to enable me to see the format and hopefully write some code to decode the UDP Data? Once I have an idea on the Data Format etc I can then possibly seek some help in writing the code from one of the many VFP Forums. I am a hobbyist VFP programmer that has picked things up as I go along.


David G4NVB

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