locked Re: Dxcc [WSJTX] #general

Reino Talarmo

The corresponding section of the cty.dat file:
Italy: 15: 28: EU: 42.82: -12.58: -1.0: I:
Sardinia: 15: 28: EU: 40.15: -9.27: -1.0: IS:

The cty.dat file should be amended by that exception. By the way is the country defined by the /1 or are all IS0xx stations in Italy?

There is another setting in Colors i.e. "Include extra WAE entities" that may also affect to the displayed country. I don't know exactly how, but you may just test it.

73, Reino OH3mA

this evening reading incoming traffic I find a DXCC decode error, a station IS0xxx/1 is decoded as Sardinia but it isn't, it is Italy.
It's not a great bug.
Just for info

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