Locked Need Some Assistance with an Error Message on Setup #WSJTX_config #macOS #Icom

de K1ABC

Hi all,

I am trying to get WSJT-X working on my Mac and IC-7610. I cannot get past this error message when I click on Test CAT:

Hamlib error: Invalid configuration
network.c(251):network_open return(-2)
iofunc.c(177):port_open return(-2)
rig.c(795):rig_open return(-2) while opening connection to rig

I have a USB cable connected between the Mac and USB1 on the back of the 7610. The Radio settings on WSJT-X are:

Rig: Icom IC-7610
Serial Port: USB
Baud Rate: 19200
Data Bits: Default
Stop Bits: Default
Handshake: Default
PTT Method: CAT
Mode: Data/Pkt
Split Operation: Fake It

The Audio settings are:

Input: USB Audio CODEC
Output: USB Audio CODEC

Any suggestions on getting this running? Many thanks.

de Paul K1ABC

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