Locked Echo mode question #Echo

Ed Picha

hi folks:

I started playing with the echo mode today and had good success. Is there a reference somewhere that describes the headers in the table that is generated during echo mode, namely

UTC N Level Sig DF Width Q

UTC and N are obvious. Level looks to be the receive level bar graph value. Sig is likely the received signal (echo) level. Is DF the frequency difference from where the expected echo would be? Width, maybe the width of the signal as a result of scattering of moon reflections and all the different Doppler shifts? Q appears to be a quality metric. I see that Q starts at 0 and as the indication on the echo graph grows, so does Q. When the signal is removed (either by lowering power output to zero or pointing off the moon) Q very slowly decays until it is back to 0.

Any thoughts? I RTFM'd but if the info is in the user guide I missed it. Thanks and 73

ed N9EP

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